BIJA is born from the idea that all girls can be fabulous and beautiful regardless of being well off or rich. Great jewellery doesn’t always need to be expensive to be beautiful. In the world of Dubai’s riches where every mall is decorated with multi-million dollar jewellery brand stores there isn’t a big huge market for quality jewellery which is affordable for everyone. With that in mind and a handbag filled with bling and Dutch creativity, we at BIJA wanted to give back to all fabulous women of the Middle East and beyond.


This collection is specially designed for the Middle-Eastern market where ‘bling is still the thing’. Most women in the age of 18 till 35 who go out on the regular still prefer shiny crystals over thin, European style jewellery. The collection is made with a variety of unique acrylic patterns and layed-in with beautiful Swarovski® Crystals which will shine at any occasion. The metals that are used are from Italian quality, nickel free, gold plated and carefully handcrafted with love right here in the UAE.


The story of this winter collection is about beautiful crystals, simple design and enchanted winter colours. Black, gold, white, purple and green form the basis of this years selection. Have a look around and tell us which one you love the most!

All our pieces are carefully hand craved with gold plated nickel free metals and layed-in with the finest Swarovski® crystals.

Be the next lady who twinkles and shines on your next night out!


Trends in fashion change every day, but style never grows old. That’s what they say in the fashion industry and we agree. We at BIJA are not only interested in following current trends but also creating timeless pieces that withstand the test of time.

Current trends help us give guidance in the selection of colours, materials and shapes. It also helps us better understand what fashionable woman want and should have in their jewellery box.

We also do custom juwelry. We immerse ourselves in the brand and listen carefully to the wishes of our client. We believe in a collaborative efforts where we carfully design the pieces and select the materials all according to the clients style and budget.